1622 Orrington Ave.,
Evanston, IL 60201

Sam Rattanopas


Sam Rattanopas, our Managing Partner of Restaurant Operations and Business Development, brings to NaKorn an accomplished 15+ years of restaurant experience.

Originally from Bangkok, Sam was the general manager and part owner of OYSY, a sushi restaurant in downtown Chicago. She opened the restaurant in 2002 and grew annual sales to $2.4M within three years. After OYSY, in 2012 she joined the team at Gioco, a 200-seat Italian restaurant in Chicago’s South Loop, as operations manager and event coordinator. She is an experienced manager who successfully supervises every aspect of operations, including administration, human resources, public relations, budget and finance. She has personally trained nearly one hundred front and back of house restaurant personnel.

I’m lucky to have had an opportunity to work with two of the world’s most talented chefs. I would like to use my knowledge and skill to transmit the old-world flavors here at NaKorn.

- Bon

“Fresh ingredients are the key of Thai cooking. They are an element that can bring out flavors, and add textures and appearance to culinary creations. That’s the reason we make pretty much everything in house, including our own curry paste.”

- Tyler

The NaKorn menu is best enjoyed when served family-style, though portion sizes vary according to the dish. Most of the dishes are best when accompanied by rice.

- NaKorn