1622 Orrington Ave.,
Evanston, IL 60201
pronounced: Nah-‘Korn

Our Story

NaKorn means “metropolitan” in Thai. It is significant in that regard for multiple reasons: First, founders Sam and Mina each hail from Bangkok, Thailand’s largest and most metropolitan city. Second, thematically, the mix of modern presentation with traditional ingredients suggests an urban approach to the cuisine. Third, and finally, Sam’s father, Khun Sompit Rattanopas, hailed from the southern, coastal Thailand town of NaKorn Srithummaraj, and the restaurant’s name is, in part, a gesture of love and respect for him.

The cornerstone of NaKorn is our belief that authentic Thai food should be found not only in Thailand—but here, as well. In short, our inability to get foods that reminded us of home – without an 8,600 mile trip to Bangkok – is a primary reason we wanted to open an authentic Thai restaurant. The atmosphere is just as dynamic as the menu; it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day from the shade of our lush garden, to relax by candlelight on weeknights. We intend to differentiate ourselves by giving customers a nostalgic glimpse of the past by offering a casual yet exceptional dining experience, reminiscent of 1970s Thai shophouses. We love what we do here, but we never take it too seriously. Our commitment to our food is just as strong as our commitment to hospitality. Please feel free to ask questions about your food and drinks. Our caring and knowledgeable staff’s goal is to serve you properly; fancy without the fussy.



  • Custom drink
  • Cozy Decor
  • Coconut Curry Braised Beef Noodle
  • Modern Twist
  • Coconut-Curry Braised Chicken

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